Dimitrios Mavropoulou

What drew you to the window replacement industry and what is the most rewarding experience for you:

My experience has always been in homes. I have 6 years experience in window replacement.  Before that I worked in kitchens and countertops and before that real estate. I wanted to bring the people we serve the best in the industry.

The best experience is working with a customer who has been researching and saving up for new windows and then seeing the smile on their face or joyful tears in their eyes when all of their investment has come to completion. Knowing that we’re helping them save money on energy bills or sell their house at a better price gives me satisfaction.

Tell us about your family:

I am the father of 3. My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 6.

What is your biggest complaint about competitors in the industry and how is Global Source Windows and Doors different?

Everyone provides the same thing year after year. There aren’t any options and few styles. We are from Europe and know that windows are big part of a home’s design and we like to give our customers those options.  We also have a combined 30+ years experience and employ the highest quality consultants to communicate with customers and employ best installers in the industry.

We are here to provide something vastly different than other companies and we do our best to provide the best quality and the best price.